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Today's March Meet the Maker prompt is colour. Have you ever wondered how paints are made or where pigments come from? Or have you wondered why Middle Ages & Renaissance painters depicted Mary in ultramarine? There was a time when ultramarine (a type of blue) was the most expensive, more so than even gold. It came from a rare, semi precious stone, lapis lazuli. Because it was so highly valued it was used paint Mary's robes to indicate she was most precious. I specifically choose shades of blue as a nod to this idea, that I'm painting an idea of precious value. I've used just one type of blue for each of the 8 paintings and although ultramarine isn't my favourite, it definitely made it into the collection. I love a good colour swatch. I selected a handful of blues to plan this series and painted them to work out which I'd choose. I did feel like I was singing - 8 of these things belong together, 8 of these things are kind of the same, but 2 of these things just don't belong here, and now it's time to play my game. (Anyone else remember that song?) Swipe to see ultramarine!
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