"When I leave my house, I make sure I walk past this mural. It's so beautiful."

I recently completed this mural at my local Sydney church. The response from neighbours in the area has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I'm not religious, but I really love this. The only problem - is that you don't have another one on the other side of the church so more people can see it."

All through the process and afterward, I have had people come and say hi, stop for a chat, engage with the church (people and building) in ways they've not done before.

One of my favourite quotes comes from artist Theaster Gates, "I believe that beauty is a basic service"

A local business owner reminded me of this when she posted on our community Facebook page.

"I own the family day care across the road and the children have loved watching the artist. One toddler said, 'It's so beautiful" which it is! They asked me every day to go outside to see if it was finished. Now the children have become really interested in art!"

I love that even little kids can appreciate and engage with art.
Beauty is for everyone.

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