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Watercolour Print - Beauty. A study in Winsor Blue (Red Shade)

Watercolour Print - Beauty. A study in Winsor Blue (Red Shade)

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This watercolour print from A Study in Blue is an exploration of dignity in the context of human identity and relationships.

Rendered in intricate detail, a contemporary take on manuscript illumination provides the conduit to examine this idea.

The objectification of women in our culture collapses the multifaceted quality of female beauty and value into one dimension, shifting its source and value. Beauty has been narrowly defined to air-brushed physical appearance and used as the measure of worth.

To assign value  to women based solely on appearance is an evaluative act that disregards her as a whole, spiritual being, instead rendering her inanimate, merely an object of sight. What was understood to be intrinsic and given as a gift from God is now commodified and driven by consumption.

The prevalence of pornography has been a catalyst for this shift in value, by projecting a hyper-sexualised, objectified form of womanhood as complete. This erosion of identity reinforces gender disparity and disempowerment of women.

Concerned with the effect this view of identity is having on women, these artworks celebrate and underscore women’s human identity, highlighting women as God’s image bearers, of immense intrinsic worth. Seeking to oppose corrosive attitudes that permeate our society I encourage women to take up this complex mantle of value. Being a reflection of what beauty is, this collection provides an alternate viewpoint for the self image dialogue in our culture.

Beauty interlaced in foliage; oak and cherry blossom leaves, fern fronds and butterflies allude to more. 

Watercolour print sizes:

All prints are on Canson Photo Rag paper, 310gsm and unframed.

A2 (420 × 594 mm / 16.54 × 23.39 in)
A3 (297 × 420 mm / 11.69 × 16.54 in)
Larger sizes are available upon request.

Watercolour print framing:

All prints come unframed, and look their best when framed by a professional framer. Professional framers can fit your art into its frame with precision ensuring these prints fit perfect from edge to edge.

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